Guntermann & Drunck (G&D)

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) are leading manufacturers of KVM systems for security-relevant control room applications in the energy sector, in industrial process control, industrial automation, air traffic and traffic control, maritime and military control rooms, in the oil & gas sector and in control rooms requiring business-critical monitoring. G&D develop KVM products that increase the security of the IT technology in use and at the same time make the work of control room employees smarter and more comfortable.

With their variety of KVM extenders, switches and matrix systems for extending, switching, and distributing keyboard, video, and mouse signals, G&D offer their users the broadest KVM portfolio available at the market. Of course, devices are compatible and can be combined.

G&D’s KVM equipment optimise the application of IT equipment and improve the working conditions for humans and computers. In addition, they can be used to remove powerful, noisy technology from the control room and allow users to simultaneously operate several computers remotely via a single console. Computer-free workplaces in control rooms enable quiet working conditions in which operators can solely focus on their work. Intuitive user interfaces increasing ergonomics and comfort create ideal working conditions in which operators can solely focus on their work. Control room staff are still able to fully access these remotely stored computer from their workplaces – in real-time and at full performance.


ISE Booth: 5N500